iHome teams up with Amazon to bring Alexa to your bedside table

iHome recently released its iAVS16, an alarm clock/music system hybrid with full Alexa integration. The iAVS16 may seem to follow the good old-fashioned clock radio format – LCD display, snooze button and all – but it is so much more: it can do pretty much anything that an Amazon Echo can do (no additional smart […]

How to back up your iPhone or iPad

How do you make sure you don’t lose your photos, messages, and other data? Back up your iPhone and iPad now! Your iPhone or iPad store all your photos, messages, health data, documents, accessory setups, settings, and more. In other words, your memories and your preferences. Your data is important, even precious, and should be […]

Best new playlists, shows, and exclusives on Apple Music

Each week we’ll bring you the best radio shows, playlists, and exclusives that Apple Music has to offer! Exclusives Apple Music subscribers can check out an exclusive performance by Apple’s current Up Next artist, Daniel Caesar. The session was filmed in Toronto, with Caesar supported by a full gospel choir. Up Next Session: Daniel Caesar […]

Charge your Apple Watch in style with this $7 aluminum stand

Your Apple Watch deserves a nicer way to charge, and the team at Thrifter has you covered! There is a better way to charge your Apple Watch than just laying it down flat on the charging cable that Apple provided with it. Some of them are expensive, and others are far more affordable. Right now […]

What’s in Lory’s iPhone 8 event gear bag?

I’ll be heading to the iPhone 8 event next week and I’ve got a bag full of tricks to help me get through it! Apple’s big iPhone event is a few days away. I don’t have to travel as far as my iMore companions, but I do like to take a lot of gear with […]

Protect and charge your iPhone and AirPods with Nova Technology’s PodCase

Do you struggle to keep your AirPods charged? Worse, do you frequently misplace them? PodCase might be the solution you’re looking for. Nova, a California-based company comprised of a small team of technologists, has recently launched a new Kickstarter campaign for the PodCase: a charging case for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus that promises […]

Best Car Chargers for iPhone 7

Do you have a long daily commute? Top up your iPhone’s juice with these great car chargers! If you use your phone all day to do everything, you’re going to run out of battery before you’re ready to sleep for the night. When you’re at the office or home, it’s easy enough to find an […]

How to delete your Yahoo! data and shut down your account

How do I delete my Yahoo! account and data? Your journey begins on Yahoo!’s Terminating Your Yahoo! Account page. Update: Yahoo! has just disclosed yet another data breach. This time of 32 million accounts accessed using “forged” cookies. This follows over a billion accounts compromised over the course of two prior breaches. At this point, […]

How to delete your Facebook account

How can you delete your Facebook account? We’ll show you! Whether its the way Facebook handles your data, or you’re just ready to be done with the drama that can sometimes come with it (seriously, go scroll through your newsfeed right now and tell me there isn’t some sort of drama), we can help you […]

Pokémon Go updates: What’s new and what’s next!

Pokémon Go has provided and update on known bugs and issues, as well as some information on when fixes can be expected. Pokémon Go launched in the summer of 2016 and has been updated regularly ever since. From Buddies to bonus streaks, we’ve been getting major new features roughly every three months and a lot […]