How to enable the floating bubble of the Google dialer

If you are aware of the new Floating Bubble feature that Google has recently rolled out exclusively for its very own Pixel and Nexus series, you might want it on your device too. But if you are not, don’t mind I will let you know what it is and how to get it on your Android […]

Some of the best radio apps for Android users

Who doesn’t love listening to music? Listening to music is one among the many best ways to entertain ourselves. And as I can relate all the music lovers would definitely love tuning into a radio station. For all those kind of people, here is a list of some fantastic radio apps that are available in […]

View incoming SMS even when you are using an app in full-screen mode

One of the greatest things about having an Android phone is that it is highly customizable. There are a lot of applications available in the Google’s Android Playstore that allows the users to do a lot of customizations to their device. There is a lot of demand for text messages even in this era of […]

How to make YouTube videos play even when your screen is off

Listening to music on the go has been a very favourite thing for many of us. And our smartphones are our best buddies in this thing which help us in listening to our favourite music. Some of us like playing the already saved and stored music on our devices, while some like to stream music […]

A new speed test tool available in Google search now

We should all be very much thankful to the search engine giant Google as it always keeps on introducing new and useful features to its users and excites them making their browsing experience much better. The tech giant has its very personal and own fiber internet service with the name Google Fiber. However, Google Fiber […]

Some of the best secure Android browsers

Everybody loves to surf the internet as it has a lot of things in it. You can gather information about any topic that you may want to from the internet. But all the websites on the internet are safe. That is where the need for a secure browser arises. As there are lots of browsers […]

How to add a brightness slider to your status bar in your Android device

Android is one such a unique operating system that enhances the ability of the device and gives the users a wonderful experience. It always welcomes the developers to showcase their creative and innovative ideas. Android is even the most customizable operating system. Adjusting brightness is one such a feature that many of us use very […]

How to send self destructive files using Firefox send to send

The practice of sharing files over the internet has been around since a long ago. Many of us make use of various different kinds of apps and cloud based services for sharing data online with our near and dear ones. But there is always a security threat for the files that have been sent over […]

How to see all your comments, likes and posts made by you on Facebook

Scrolling through the news feed of Facebook has become a daily task for a lot of us. And many people spend a lot of their travel time to their offices, schools and other such places surfing through the feed. And while scrolling we intentionally or sometimes unintentionally like and share the posts of our friends […]

A simple bookmark trick for instantly composing a new mail in Gmail

Gmail, a popular mailing service from the search engine giant Google has a lot of amazing and interesting features in store for its users. And it is very much known as a fast service. And the users send and receive a number of emails every day. If you are also among those people who compose […]