How to create animated GIFs from the images in your smartphone

GIFs are the sensation since the past few years as they can help the users can be able to create them very easily and they also consume very less memory when compared to that of videos and screen recordings. Now in this article, let us learn using which you can capture screenshots in the form […]

Unlock the hidden FM Radio in your Android smartphone

Most of the smartphones, we use have a hidden feature inside that is very much lesser known to all of us. And that is that many of our smartphones have an inbuilt FM radio receiver that just needs to be activated. It might sound strange that why not mobile manufacturers tell their customers about this […]

Steps for protecting your Pendrive with a password

Compact media storage devices like the memory cards, pendrives, hard drives have become a part of our lives and daily tasks all these days. But many of us feel concerned about the safety of the sensitive data that we store in our media storage devices. The simplest and easiest solution for that is protecting your […]

A new breaking news feature added to YouTube

YouTube can be said as the most extensive video sharing platform online without any doubt. The search engine giant Google has been constantly putting in efforts into this most popular video sharing website for giving its users a great user experience. Billions of users every day spend a lot of their time every day watching […]

A very easy to use screen capture software for PC users

Screen capture softwares are the need of the hour as many people are trying to be more and more people are trying to be computer literates and screen recording softwares allow the users to capture something from their screen and then send it to their near or dear ones or they can even upload them […]

Disabling protected view in Microsoft word

Protected view feature is the most well-secured feature incorporated inside Microsoft Word which helps in preventing from being attacked by any virus, malware that may be retained in the documents. This feature is specially made and designed keeping in mind the security of the device of the users and protecting their devices from virus and […]

Find out who is tracking you through your Android phone

The Android operating system has become so much popular among the smartphone users just because of its easy to use user interface. But unlike the blackberry users, Android users should be a bit worried about their safety and privacy as Android phones don’t offer a secured system to the users. Many users are very much […]

How to block a phone number in your Android phone

Thanks to the smartphone revolution, it has made communication with our dear and loved ones better and easier as well. There comes conveniences as well as disturbances along with everything and this smartphone revolution and easy communication has also made way for spammers, telemarketers, unwanted callers. Who would like to get disturbed by all those […]

Things to check when system restore is not working

System restore is considered as our immediate solution when we found or caught with an issue on our computer. This thing solves our issues in many occasions. But we may be facing issues running system restore at times, then here are some things that you can consider trying these following tips and bring back the […]

How to customize the Android home button shortcut

Customizations are the best part of the Android device. The default actions of the Android home buttons in the Android device are always not as a needed or as wanted. Here is how you can customize the home button with the help of these simple steps Home2 shortcut is the Android application available to download […]