Some common windows maintenance mistakes that everyone should avoid

Windows computers and laptops definitely require proper and regular maintenance. The time to time maintenance of computer will make it run smoothly and really nice. So, now in this piece of article, let us go through some Windows maintenance mistakes that many people commonly go through so that you can keep them in mind and […]

Speed up downloads with these download managers for Google chrome

Google Chrome is, without doubt, the best and one of the most used browsers. With the availability of the internet, many of us are relying on the web for many things unknowingly. Chrome itself supports fast browsing for the users and it can also be one of the reasons for its success. But there are […]

YouTube has introduced a new share feature

Many of us are spending a lot of their free time watching videos on YouTube, which has been the most popular video sharing website and the website keeps on introducing new features. It has a huge collection of videos. We might find some videos which we would want to share with our dear and near […]

Improve your Gmail experience with these Chrome extensions

Google is very much famous for its most used search engine and Chrome browser and Gmail are also among the most popular services from the search engine giant.While chrome web store has a tonne of useful extensions, here are some handful of Chrome extensions that can help you in having a great Gmail experience. Notifus: […]

How to get pie style navigation buttons on your Android device

Aren’t you bored of the same old styled navigation buttons on your smart screen? Would you like to try something new and different? How about having a pie style navigation button, looks great right. Just give it a try, here are the few ways using which you can get those on your phone or device’s […]

Unsubscribing mailing lists and junk newsletters in Gmail

We may find many unwanted and useless emails in our inboxes every day and all we do with them is simply move them to trash without even opening them or trying to open them. As we are very much not interested in them at all. If that is the case, why don’t we just unsubscribe […]

How to restrict websites accessing your location?

In the recent days, while browsing few web sites, they started asking our location. Google Chrome displaying a permission window which offers allow, deny options to share our location with the site we are browsing. If you are not willing to share the location with any website you can permanently disable the feature from the […]

Control your Facebook news feed with these simple settings

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular and widely used social networking site. People use this application as a time pass and it is no doubt that many people actually doesn’t do anything more than just scrolling through the page of the news feed and checking out the activities of all the other people on the […]

Microsoft paint is going to be available as a downloadable program

Microsoft Paint, undoubtedly the most memorable programs for the kids of 90’s like me. It is the program that I used to use as a kid in my childhood days and the recent news regarding Microsoft killing MS Paint have made me and a lot of kids from the 90’s feel sad as it is […]

How to schedule websites to open them at a certain time

Google Chrome is undoubtedly one of the best browsers available and is also the most popular browser. It supports some very cool and interesting features by default or with the help of some chrome extensions. Now, in this piece of article, let us know how to schedule websites in Chrome and set them to open […]